December 19, 2016

Rapping Dutch puppets premiere in Amsterdam

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Dutch rappers De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig from Amsterdam are part of a new show entitled ‘Watskeburt?! De Musical’ with muppet-like puppets of themselves, which frankly steal the show. The makers will give a special talk on the stage tonight at the preview showing at the Meervaart in Nieuw-West, while tomorrow’s premiere is already sold out. And the show will move downtown in 2017 at Amsterdam’s main musical venue, DeLaMar theatre.

The song ‘Watskeburt’ from 2005, one of the group’s better known hits and a Dutch party favourite, has been covered and parodied a lot since then. If only Weird Al Yankovic understood Dutch.

According to the Dutch music press, people feel like they are watching a show of De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig since the likeness of the songs and the voices are that good. It’s aimed at young people 18-30, and it is definitely not for kids, as it contains all the strong language, sex, drugs and violence that you need for good Dutch rap music along with their usual dose of humour.

The video of the song ‘Pikante’ is set in Amsterdam’s Kesbeke pickled condiments factory and has that pseudo latin flavour some of their songs have as of late.


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July 5, 2015

Royal Academy of Art graduation exhibit 2015

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Friday I went to the graduation show of the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, and today I visited its counterpart in The Hague.

Bachelor and Master students in 10 disciplines displayed their works.

Check a large photo review of the show on our Flickr account. Art blog Trendbeheer also went to The Hague and published their report. (Check out their reports of other Dutch art academies too.)

The Graduation Festival 2015 can be visited until Thursday.


Roos van de Kieft, Embody.


Liza Pace, Going Solo.


Marlies van Stolk’s “Tacky Couture”.

Top image: Amal Habti, Building Bridges. You can cross this bridge, but only with the cooperation of ‘the other’.

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February 20, 2015

British show mistakes Dutch for German

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Last week on British television show Room 101 Dr Christian Janssen Jessen claimed to hate German pop music, which he can get away with because his father is German. “It’s sung by what mainly look like, sort of middle aged men having a massive mid-life crisis,” he explained. Host Frank Skinner managed to sing the praises of this happy and silly music, calling it ‘Europop’, as if the UK wasn’t part of Europe, adding that maybe Brits take music “too seriously”.

However, of all the German music they could have played to illustrate his point, ignorant researchers used Dutch music, which was easy to recognise by the language and the Dutch television logo when they played the clip. Janssen and the other guests didn’t even bat an eyelid when hearing something that was not German, although Janssen later claimed on Twitter that he hadn’t chosen the music. He did, whoever, keep quiet, entertaining the idea that it was German. Connect Four host Victoria Coren, who should have known better as well, also stayed very quiet.

The Dutch carnival song ‘Bam Bam (Bam)’ by Snollebollekes, which read out in English sounds like ‘Snol Bollocks’ and could be a reason for having chosen it is for adults only on YouTube. The part they played on telly is basically about ass shaking and shagging.

British television show Room 101, season 4 episode 6 aired on 13 February. The German pop music rant about Dutch music starts at 26:26, while the music kicks in at 28:03.

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February 9, 2015

Dutch Americans sought for dating show

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This is a great ‘Zoek de Nederlander’, or ‘Search for the Dutchie:

Are you of Dutch origin, single (21-45) and looking for true love? Have you been raised abroad with (a bit of) Dutch blood in your system? Let one of the biggest TV channels in The Netherlands help you find love. Dutch TV network (Blue Circle) is looking for singles from the USA of Dutch origin who want to take part of a new heartwarming television show about Dutch love.

Apply on Blue Circle’s website. It’s probably for straight people and we’ll wave at you if you make it on television.

(Link:, Photo of the first Philips colour TV from 1964 by Philips, used with permission)

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July 4, 2014

Rietveld School of Art & Design graduation 2014

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The students graduating from Amsterdam’s Rietveld School of Art & Design (in Dutch, Gerrit Rietveld Academie) will be exhibiting their graduation projects until Sunday 6 July 2014.

24 Oranges was invited to come and take a peek.


rietveld-2014-casper-koster-2Some of the works, such as the dog above, were displayed without any explanation of what the student was trying to say—probably not necessary with a Disney-like creature anyway—or even the name of the maker. (There were sticky notes carrying the name Tim Maarse near this sculpture, but it wasn’t quire clear if the sticky notes referred to the sculpture or were a work unto themselves).

Other artists, such as photographer Casper Koster, left extensive documentation behind for visitors to peruse and take home. His series ‘Coulissen’ portrays actors as they are waiting in the wings of a stage for their next scene.

Setareh Magshoudi made a mobile mosque of paper: “From my own experience arose the need to create a space for my daily prayers, a temporary space which would provide private space and at the same time a sacred sense.”


Jessie Hoefnagel was knitting something big. Unfortunately, her seat was in a warm spot because of the sun, so by the time I got there all I found was a note saying “not here until it gets bearable”.


When I had finished walking around, three hours had passed and my feet were sore. Where did the time go?

I will post some more photos to Flickr when I get the chance (and will hopefully be able to add more names of the artists at the same time). Meanwhile, check out the exhibit in person if you have the chance or visit Trendbeheer, as Jeroen Bosch took a load of pictures.

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January 25, 2014

Win two tickets to the Greg Shapiro & Tom Rhodes show

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greg-shapiro-presents-tom-rhodesThis week American stand-up comedians Greg Shapiro and Tom Rhodes are touring the Netherlands and if you are quick, you can win tickets!

24 Oranges is giving away two tickets to one lucky winner for the show on Thursday 30 January at Schiller Theater in Utrecht.

You can enter by sending an e-mail to submissions (at) in which you tell us the title of Greg Shapiro’s latest & greatest book. Your entry needs to be in before Tuesday 28 January.

This week Shapiro & Rhodes will be performing in Eindhoven, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Enschede, The Hague and Utrecht. In 2002 and 2003 Tom Rhodes hosted a talk show on Dutch television called Kevin Masters, and he lived in the Netherlands for five years. Greg Shapiro has been working for the Boom Chicago comedy group in Amsterdam since 1994 and calls himself The American Netherlander.

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January 14, 2014

Two Dutchmen in the running for Mars mission

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Back in 2012 we told you about how a Dutchman was planning to film a reality show on Mars.

And now that they’ve started selecting people for the Mars One mission — 1058 people to be exact — the two Dutch candidates, Wim Dijkshoorn and Merlijn Vuurop, are telling us what’s going through their minds.

Merlijn explains that he’s drawn to the pioneering aspect of going to Mars and says it’s a huge step for humanity that he wants to be a part of. He’s also been at sea for three years with just his parents and is used to being alone. As for Wim, he feels it will be very a lonely existence for a long time, although more and more people will join the colony. He compares it to a monk’s life. And if he gets a girlfriend in the coming years, he’s ready to just break it off. He also thinks it’s better not to keep in contact with Earth and cut all ties with his family.

Never mind how scary this still seems to me every time I think about it, the Mars One people are currently saying that they don’t want the colonists to reproduce. I shudder to think how that could be enforced on people so far away. Besides the fact that the babies could have serious defects and that reproduction may not even work for all kinds of reasons, it could even go the other way around: that women will be baby-making machines to ensure the survival of the colony, but that’s just me freaking out.


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December 8, 2013

The Hoff sings Fresh Prince theme tune with a twist

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the-rip-hoff-sc-matthijs-vlotRotterdam-based video artist Matthijs Vlot created this clip of David Hasselhoff singing the theme tune to The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air by splicing together clips from several shows the actor was in, including Knight Rider and Bay Watch.

I’ve seen this format before, but Vlot adds a twist. What the twist is you will have to see for yourself.

Apparently Hasselhoff tweeted “Amazing clip!” upon watching the video. More videos from Vlot can be found on his website, (a pun on ‘pattatje oorlog’, fries with peanut sauce and mayonnaise). The name of the video, The Rip-Hoff pt. 1, suggests there’s another video involving The Hoff in the making.

Illustration: screen captures of Vlot’s video.

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February 10, 2013

Title sequence for Dutch TV show Het Klokhuis uses stop motion video by PES

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Dutch educational TV programme Het Klokhuis (the apple core) has just replaced its old intro. The new leader was made by American animator and Oscar nominee PES (the stage name of Adam Pesapane).

The animation is similar to the previous title sequence which was made by Irish animator Johnny Kelly according to Animated Review. You can see all the previous intros at the Klokhuis website.

Het Klokhuis is a daily educational programme for 8- to 12-year-olds which deals with a single theme each episode using both reporting, skits and songs. It was originally created in 1988 by the actors behind the Stratemakersopzeeshow, Aart Staartjes, Wieteke van Dort and Joost Prinsen.

(Photo: crop of the video. Video: YouTube / PESfilm)

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June 20, 2012

Dutchman plans reality show on Mars

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After Dutch reality show Big Brother went galactic, the Dutch have been producing and copying other countries’ reality shows like there’s no tomorrow. However, this next idea is way out there — literally.

The man behind the Mars One idea is Bas Lansdorp who claims that in 2023 we’ll finally put people on Mars. Not only that, but he’s thinking, why not have a reality show on the red planet as well, while we’re there. What scares me as I write this is that he has devised a way to get there, costing about 5 billion euro, but no way whatsoever of getting back. It’s a one-way journey. Getting back is currently too complicated to work out, which sounds like every movie I’ve seen featuring Mars, and they end badly.

Only four people can go at once, a trip that lasts seven months. “We’ve had hundreds of people who are willing to go and settle Mars, even families with children.”

And why would this actually work? There has been plans galore to settle Mars. You have to read his reasons for yourself, it scares me too. Why would anyone want to leave this planet and go somewhere where you couldn’t see your friends or travel as you would on Earth? It sounds like a prison to me.

When I watch any space movie, I actually get freaked out by people dying of asphyxiation or being thrown out a space lock. Of course the idea of going to Mars is cool, but is it worth dying for, I wonder.

And then there’s this old Dutch beer commercial that echoes a Mars landing as well.


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