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Teen offers millions for window Lee Harvey Oswald on eBay; dad cancels bid



On February 16, a teenager from Hengelo, The Netherlands, entered the race for the window that Lee Harvey Oswald reportedly shot US president John F. Kennedy from, bidding approximately 3 million US$ seconds before the auction ended. The window had been put up for auction at eBay by Caruth Byrd, son of the man who used to own the Texas School Book Depository building. Apparently the eBay system cannot check the qualifications of late bidders, and their bids are accepted without question.

The teen did not have the money. Hani Durzy, a spokesman for eBay, spoke of illegality and fraud, the teen’s father, who managed to cancel the bid after all, wondered how eBay could let get things this far. I just wonder how much the grassy knoll would fetch.

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