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Din din with the A-Team



Can’t get enough of A-Team reruns on Dutch television? There’s always Dinner With Hollywood Stars on 12 May at the Dutch Star Con event, held at the Best Western Hotel de Druiventros in Berkel-Enschot near Tilburg in Noord-Brabant. Hollywood stars such as Billy Boyd from Lord Of The Rings, Dirk Benedict from the A-Team and the original Battlestar Galactica, Dwight Schultz from the A-Team and Star Trek The Next Generation, and Mira Furlan from Lost and oddly enough not mentioned in the link, Babylon 5. They’ll be signing sessions and they’ll be some Q&A.

Notice how 24oranges also used a picture of Mr T. from the A-Team even though he won’t be attending. Is he really afraid to fly?


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