Bokito the gorilla becomes a brand


Bokito is no longer that world-famous gorilla that broke out of its pen at the Rotterdam Zoo (Diergaarde Blijdorp) last week, it is also a brand name with CDs, printed materials, clothing and advertising, although the gorilla already had its own clothing line at (which from what I can gather, is under construction). Some other advertising features Bokito plugging potatoes. The zoo is trying to stop this madness by forcing the potato folks to stop. And people at the pub are talking about how terrible it is for people to profit from other people’s misery. Ironically, the Dutch have a word for that, ‘leedvermaak’ (roughly, malicious pleasure).

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  1. rachel says:

    It has nothing to do with ‘leedvermaak’ she was just stupid and did not seem to have the knowledge about animal behavior,to make the zoo suffer from that by giving them financial punishment,is just silly and not in the animal’s interest at all,since money ‘stolen’ for funding the victim’s will no longer be available for investments in food and shelter,that is far more important than funds for the victims. If I was in charge of Blijdorp,I would probably counter-charge them by means of insult,and way making it hard for them to even begin a charge,I would make clear to them,that charging would be one of the biggest mistakes of their lifes. Stupid people like that really piss me off. There is one thing in this world I hate,and it is happening all the time,the wrong people are accused for things other people do. Did Blijdorp told that monkey,”come on boy,jump out of your pen..!”? No they did not. Did Blijdorp use inappropriately pens for holding monkeys? No they did not. Did that woman act stupid and irresponsible? Yes , she did. So she is responsible first hand. Blijdorp has responsibility of the wellness and healthfulness of animals,not how they behave,that is up to them. This world really needs to learn who is responsible for what actions. The world seems to have insufficient knowledge of that basic thing.

    luckily I live near Blijdorp,so that I can support them in the little things I can do.

  2. Kare says:

    When you visit primates at a zoo — any zoo — you assume the zoo has sufficient security to keep them from attacking you. This is the only reason the zoo is liable for the animal’s escape. The fact this woman acted foolishly and brought the attack on herself by her own actions is something she has to live with. She certainly is suffering physically. The zoo has to take precautions to keep animals from taking revenge on people who make faces at them. In this case, sufficient precautions weren’t taken. I understand the zoo now is blaming the Berlin zoo that raised Bokito. Yeah, the parents always get blamed. But the zoo in Rotterdam is financially liable and I believe this is justice.

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