Daisy Dynamite passes away



Dutchman Hans van den Hoek, better know as Daisy Dynamite, died yesterday at the age of 78 in Amsterdam. The transvestite and artist had a hit in 1973 with ‘Botch a me’. Van den Hoek started working in Paris in 1948 as a dancer. He first started out doing something akin to black face, but then went white again. Besides performing in cabarets and revues in several countries, Van den Hoek appeared in a few TV series and films, including Casanova by Frederico Fellini, together with Donald Sutherland.

(Link: A5)


  1. ellenore says:

    I work for Hans and i feel very sorry that he died

  2. Eric van der Stelt says:

    Hi there, I just googled Daisy Dynamite, because I have this 7″ single from him/her and I wanted to know more about the interpreter.
    Did he/she record more songs, on a lp perhaps???

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