Rare moth makes an appearance



The employees of Natuurmonumenten (nature reserves) have spotted a unique moth, Chortodes brevilinea (aka stippelrietboorder in Dutch)(you tell me what it is in English) for the first time in 52 years. It was spotted during a nocturnal inventory of two bird watchers on the uninhabited island of Griend, South of Terschelling.

This presumably unique species of moth was last seen between 1953 and 1955 in the Frisian marshland, Alde Feanen. It is brown, but the yellowish brown hairs on its abdomen make it easy to recognise. Noctural expeditons at the end of August should confirm whether it has come to stay on the island or if was it just passing by en route to Germany and England were it can also be found.

(Link: bisnis.nl)


  1. Jay Vos says:

    How exciting! (I’m a nature lover.)
    Did a Google search. It’s Fenn’s Wainscot

  2. Orangemaster says:

    Super, thanks!

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