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Levitating lamp models presented at Dutch Design Week


A popular meme has people ask of every new gadget they see: will it blend? (make good use of that iPhone!). Well, us Dutchies just aren’t into blending. Our meme is: will it levitate? Having started with the levitating frog, invented the levitating bed, and re-invented the levitating man, we have now gone on to the levitating lamp. All thanks to designer Angela Jansen, who created these lamps using Crealev technology. I have no idea if these computer rendered designs will ever translate to real, buyable products though. On her website Angela Jansen writes that several of these models were shown at the Dutch Design Week.

For the religiously inclined Jansen has also come up with the levitating buddha and the levitating chalice.

(Via Engadget.)

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