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Des Bouvrie designs a mobile chalet


While the Dutch government is again trying to see if reclaiming land from the North Sea is possible in order to create some space in this densely populated if not overcrowded country, Dutch designer Jan des Bouvrie thinks everyone should have a second home that will run you almost half of a first one, which about 50% of the population cannot even afford.

Des Bouvrie has developed a mobile home that really looks like the Dutch design version of a chalet. It has lots of room, much light and a balance between inside and outside, architecture and interior. And then everything is bright white because then it wouldn’t be Jan des Bouvrie. I can’t picture kids playing outside coming inside and touching anything. The going price starts at EUR 115,000.

I would still go with an Airstream and I do not like the idea of any space looking like a mental institution, no matter how much space I get.

(Link: Telegraaf)

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