Director fakes rampant racism, gets sacked


Last week, a director working on a fake TV news item about racism in the Netherlands got caught with his pants down because a competing station happened to have a crew nearby filming the whole thing. The director had set out to film a piece exposing rampant bigotry by showing that people in Amsterdam will not stop and help a woman in need if dressed in a niqab.

In order to measure this bigotry, the crew’s reporter would drop a bag of oranges and see who would help her pick them up. After a while she would change to a niqab, a garb worn by some Muslim women that covers everything except the eyes, and repeat the exercise.

And it seemed the crew got exactly the sort of result they expected. When dressed as a Westerner, people would help the reporter pick up her oranges. But the moment she switched to the niqab, help was no longer forthcoming. The cold eye of the camera registered a forlorn woman, crouching in the middle of the street amidst her belongings, while passers-by took a wide berth around her.

Except that it was all staged. Local TV station AT5 was there, and filmed the whole thing. People who wanted to help the woman in the niqab were shouted at by the director who told them to move on. Even then that did not stop some of them to actually help. After 101 had streamed its program, AT5 contacted them for commentary. Originally, the youth channel denied that anything shady had been going on. They thought the attention was exaggerated, and that people only started to help when they saw the AT5 camera crew. But the station must have smelled a rat, because it later examined raw footage, after which it came out with a full retraction. Apparently, people had been trying to help the niqab-clad woman the whole time. “We ended our collaboration with this director,” the press release concludes.

Even in the segment there are hints that not everything is as it seems. The host says that she herself has family members who wear a burqa except of course that she is not wearing a burqa but a niqab.

Via Wij blijven hier (Dutch). Source images: AT5 and 101.


  1. Orangemaster says:

    Sad idiots! People of Amsterdam are nice :)

  2. Lone Renegade says:

    These people feel the need to perpetuate this victimization of foreigners for political reasons. That’s why i no longer believe in TV. Full of propagandistic sensacionalist garbage.

  3. truepeers says:

    Outrageous deception; and unscientific to boot! They should also have done a control study with green limes!

  4. Mr.g says:

    This is a fine example of the all pervasive ANTI-WHITE,ANTI-WESTERN HATE/BIAS and RACISM going on in Europe and other western countries.

    Simply put,a pure anti-white hate crime.

    It is an example of the “Get Whitey” low key war against the WHITE RACE by the sickos in the anti-racism crowd.

    The actors and all the people involved in the making of the film hould be criminally charged with HATE crimes,jailed,and then punched in the face with brass knuckles enough times that their own mothers don’t recognize them.

  5. philanthropist says:

    The Islamique Republik of Holland will lead Eurabia towards the 7th century.

  6. Dag says:

    Look at Geert Wilders in this light and see that the up-coming “anti-racism” parade of fools is a travesty of Human rights and terrible disconcern for people generally. Wilders is howled at as a “racist” by those who corrupt the concept of racism for private ends. Islam is not a race.

    This Platonist “noble lie” or this Gnostic “higher insight” is typical of the Left, as it were, a group of non-thinkers indistinguishable from the Right, as it were. “For our own good.” We are intimidated, sometimes, some of us, by self-righteous poseurs, moralistic pretenders, religious fanatics whose vanity has no limit. It is both a frightening time and a time of great potential for all. As the chains of dhimmitude and neo-feudalism bow us down we can at the same time throw them off and become freer still than ever before. Knowing first-hand the evils of oppression we can shrug it off and act in our own interests as more mature and freer beings than previously. Seeing this gives us clearer knowledge of reality, and we are the better for it.

  7. Paul says:

    Unbelievable!!! those media sickos are determined to impose a feeling/complex of guilt in the white people of that country, where the only crime comited by the targets of this propaganda is being white in the 21st century…
    Western Europe will soon turn in a 3rd world mess….but only if we watch and do nothing….

  8. Branko Collin says:

    I wasn’t going to say anything, but guys: can you please get your fears under control? And if you cannot, please go and hold your islamophobic circle-jerk somewhere else. You all sound like broken records, and are getting tiresome.

  9. Paul says:

    “I wasn’t going to say anything, but guys: can you please get your fears under control? And if you cannot, please go and hold your islamophobic circle-jerk somewhere else. You all sound like broken records, and are getting tiresome.”

    if you werent to say anything why did you?? Please go and hold your anti-white circle-jerk somewhere else…. we see a director faking news to make whites appear as “racists”… and your concerns are “islamophobic” comments??? Maybe, having the sharya law imposed in your country in a near future will be better…. like they say… one day will be:”Convert or die!”… if people like you love “third-world” people so much why dont you go live there in the middle of them and in their “magnificent” countries??? Stop trying to impose the thirld world on us???
    Hypocrisy is the lifeblood of multiculturalism!

  10. Branko Collin says:

    Thank you sir for so excellently proving my point. As for why I won’t go anywhere else: this is my blog.

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