Stairs made from a castle’s floorwood


Recycled furniture – furniture clearly made from recycled materials – got very popular in the Netherlands sometime in the 1990s when an artist found out that a regular cupboard made from new materials would easily net multiple times the price if made from recycled wood. Despite the over-saturation of this market I like this staircase made by Jan Korbes from the Hague by turning old floorboards of Schloss Wiesenburg (Wiesenburg Castle) in Germany into boxes.

Via BoingBoing.

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  1. Jay Vos says:

    That is really cool. Most people think of demolition as razing a structure with one swing of a wrecking ball or a single dynamite blast and then hauling the rubble to a landfill. But times have changed. Now theres a new trend, called ‘smart demolition,’ or rather a technique known as ‘deconstruction.’ Smart demolition or deconstruction is environmentally beneficial because the brick, steel, concrete etc. from a building (an old house, for example) would be recycled enabling these materials to be re-used in the construction industry or sold to a salvaging company. This prevents the materials from being carted off to a landfill and helps reduce the amount of new virgin materials used for construction projects.

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