‘Oldest’ cat of the Netherlands dies



Black cat Mous from the town of Korte Akkeren passed away last Sunday at age 29, making it probably the oldest cat of the Netherlands. Such an age for a cat is quite exceptional. The average house cat lives to be about 15.

Here at 24 oranges, we had to put my 21-year-old cat Moonster to sleep yesterday, which makes this an interesting coincidence.

Our condolences to Mous’ owner, Cornelis Kalmeijer. We really, really know how you feel right about now.

Read more about Moonster the cat.


(Link and photo above, ad.nl, photo: Branko)


  1. sarah says:

    Sorry about your cat! No matter how long you have with a pet or how likely you know you are to be around for their death, it’s never any easier, but your time with them is worth it anyway.

    Now, if only beagles lived as long as cats!

  2. Lesley says:

    Oh….so sad to hear about both these poezens……My condolences to you both.

  3. […] a cat is really that old except to trust their owners to tell the truth. When we wrote about ‘Oldest’ cat of the Netherlands dies, we put quotes around ‘oldest’ because it really is hearsay. And ‘our’ cat […]

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