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Cancel the phone book, save trees galore


Phone book

There is a petition going around that basically pleads for having the right to say no to the paper version of the phone book and the yellow pages (Gouden Gids). It’s not about taking it away from the elderly that do not bother with computers or people who actually use a paper copy, it’s about not so many of these guides ending up in the bin. Thousands and thousands do and these folks think it’s time to put a stop to it. This picture is actually of my own version waiting to be recycled yet again this year.

You can sign and read about the petition in Dutch here: Stop De Papieren Telefoongids (Stop the paper version of the (Dutch) phone book)

(Link tip: From Twitter)

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  1. […] in the Netherlands still receives the paper phone guide once every year, whether they want to or not, even though in these days of Google and the internet it is nothing but a vehicle for […]

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