‘Vegetarian’ star eats chicken


Jan Vayne Unox

While I’m looking forward to a special get together this week with a bunch of local musicians where I was asked to bring a vegetarian dish (a refreshing change), some self-proclaimed vegetarians apparently ‘omit details’ about their chosen eating patterns when it suits them. Jan Vayne, a celebrity who plugs Unox smoked sausage on television but who does not eat it, was not only nominated as one of the sexiest vegetarians of the Netherlands, but he does eat chicken every once in a while, as apparently shown on television. As far as I can read, he is not a vegetarian. He also claims not to take the ‘election’ seriously, which is obviously a good thing. I voted for columnist Leon Verdonschot; the difference is plain to see. The activists at Wakker Dier were ready to let the smoked sausage thing slip, but eating chicken and saying ‘mmm, delicious’ on television has got their forums buzzing.

And don’t get me started on the all-year-round vegetarians except at Christmas when they shove all that turkey, chicken and pâté down their gizzards gullets, claiming their loved ones didn’t want to cook separate dishes just for them and what not – you’re lying too. And there’s always fish if you want to bring your guilt down a notch or two.

(Link: vleesmagazine.nl)


  1. Neil says:

    It don’t worry too much about whether some vegetarians eat meat sometimes but that whole thing about spokesman portraying themselves as one thing, deriving some authority from the portrayal, and then not being what they proclaimed to be, is dissapointing , regardless if I’m interested in the product or not. It seems dishonest and it is.

    When you say “shove all that turkey, chicken and pâté down their gizzards” I think you mean “down their gullet.” Gizzards are the second stomach birds have and gullet is esophagus or throat …down which we all “shove” the food we choose to eat.

    I had chicken and broccoli in a light white wine sauce over ziti for dinner last night. What did you have?

  2. Barry says:

    I think that whole vegetarian thing is silly anyway, but hey, to each their own.

  3. Orangemaster says:

    I had cheese ravioli with a very nice Sauvignon blanc, thank you.

    Ah gullet, thanks!

  4. jon says:

    And there’s the whole wearing leather aspect too. Most vegatarians are phoneys, that’s the issue here. Most people have no idea where meat products end up. Gelatine in sweets, suet in bread, fish in beer (too remove the cloudiness).

  5. Neil says:

    “Gelatine in sweets, suet in bread, fish in beer (too remove the cloudiness).”

    I did not about fish in beer.

  6. Neil says:

    That – cheese ravioli with a very nice Sauvignon blanc – sounds good! Maybe I’ll have that tomorrow.

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