Baby born on flight to Boston, USA


A baby was born on New Year’s Eve on Northwest Airlines Flight 59 from Schiphol Airport near Amsterdam to Boston, USA, reports Fox News. Phil Orlandella, spokesperson for Logan International Airport, said that a doctor and paramedic who happened to be on board assisted with the birth. Upon arrival the baby was treated as a Canadian citizen, as it was born while flying over Canada.

I would assume that births in airplanes to the US are rare, as women who are more than 32 weeks pregnant a rarely allowed to fly on American flights.

Welcome to this big blue marble, baby, and a happy new year to you, and also a happy new year to all our readers!


  1. Orangemaster says:

    According to our own De Volkskrant, the mother is Ugandese, was 8 months preggers and therefore gave birth 4 weeks prematurely.

  2. Neil says:

    Yes Canadians are well known for stealing babies to populate their frigid country. ;-) More likely the woman will need papers for the child to travel and cannot obtain them from the US or Uganda.

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