Dutch advert about washing one’s vagina


I thought I had seen everything: adverts with female frontal nudity (very normal occurrence here) and some naked male DJ with his not very impressive kit facing the camera at 9 am in the morning, but this advert just made me stop everything I was doing and post. It’s pushing (no pun intended) a vagina wash product and it is filmed from the between a woman’s legs point of view. Ickeepoo squared.

Besides the obvious OMG (Oh My God!) response I just had, as a woman I am sick and tired of any product advertising that seeks to generate even more useless insecurity in women and their bodies, especially in teenage girls, just to sell a product. Ickeepoo some more.


  1. Jeroen Mirck says:

    We discussed this commercial earlier on Skype, and we agree completely: this is tastlessness galore. The music and montage seem to be inspired by the very sexist music video “Smack My Bitch Up” by The Prodigy. I wrote this review about the commercial (in Dutch):

  2. Márcia W. says:

    OMG 285% !
    Bad bad taste, bad ad, bad everything including the music (?). Disgusting. And like a friend used to say: I not a feminist I´m just anthropological conscious!

  3. Eric says:

    I really don’t see any big issue here. There is so much more on TV that is way more offensive, sex or nudity in truth is rarely realy offensive as such. The average George Bush speech is more offensive imho.

    I give you the full frontal nudity of Chiel Beelen, the DJ. Not because of the nudity mind you, but because some things need to remain hidden to protect our eyes.

  4. Fallynn says:

    I don’t really see this as that big a deal. In my opinion anyways…it’s not like some of the funky commercials we’ve got here with women walking down the road with “the itch” betweens their legs and advertising vaginal creams, etc. Or Summers Eve vaginal wash. This commercial is not really that bad. It didn’t offend me anyways. :)

  5. Orangemaster says:

    I was referring to Ruud de Wild, but Giel Beelen I can do without too.

  6. Laurent says:

    Uh, my mum (Family planning specialist) told me that washing your kootchy very day wih (special) soap is really bad. is it true? Does that mean that, besides making tasteless commercials, these people sell stuff that will damage the kootchy?

  7. Orangemaster says:

    Your mom is probably right. If men don’t need to use a special washgel, women shouldn’t either. The tip is to mix some vinegar in your soap, although I’ve never done it.

    I also can’t imagine any kind of perfumed tampon being any good for your body either.

  8. Branko Collin says:

    I believe that “common knowledge” has it that a healthy vagina is an acidy environment. Regular soap is a base, meaning it neutralizes acid. Whether that means you need a special soap is left as an exercise for the reader.

  9. Darth Paul says:

    Face it- some ladies NEED a reminder!

  10. Orangemaster says:

    As if some guys didn’t :)

  11. Some of you are so prudish! What do you actually see? Nothing! You’re freaking out over suggestion!
    I think it’s very original. Indeed, maybe the ‘smack my bitch up’ inspiration could have been a little less prominent, but original non the less. I love it!

    BTW have you all noticed it are mainly men complaining?


  12. Barry says:

    It’s almost as if I’m back in 1800’s Victorian England here. No nudity involved, nothing obscene shown, and still you get your panties in a bunch? (Pun fully intended.) If you really insist on getting upset about what appears on television, I’d suggest you pick a more suitable target, like the tidal wave of horrendous TV programs airing on channels like RTL4, SBS6 and Veronica.

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