Successful TV ad remade 25 years later


A TV ad made 25 years ago by Veilig Verkeer Nederland (traffic safety association) was apparently so successful nationally and internationally that the makers decided to create a remake. The old ad was broadcast until a couple of years ago and had started to look more 1980s than Michael J. Fox sipping a 7-up on a skateboard. The new and the old commercial—both in which a young child flying a kite running backwards and a car rushing on see each other only very late—show an interesting contrast in storytelling now and 20 years ago, although the differences probably derive from goals that changed over time.



(Link: VVN. Via: Sargasso, where they wonder which is the best.)


  1. jon says:

    Lots of changes. A happy ending. The girl is empowered (has her own kite). The family is dysfunctional (kid with his headphones on). The parents are inattentive. The driver is also at fault (distracted). There’s an animated zebra (not sure that’s actually significant).

  2. Jan de Vries says:

    I really wanted her to get run over in the new version, see what progress brought us…..sigh.

    Everybody is made out of plastic on this commercial!

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