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Anne Frank diary added to Unesco world register



Anne Frank’s diary has been added to the Memory of the World Register by UNESCO. UNESCO launched the Memory of the World Register to protect documentary heritage reflecting the diversity of the world’s peoples, languages, and cultures from ‘collective amnesia’.

Although often mistaken as a Dutch girl by many probably because she wrote her diary in Dutch, Anne Frank was a Jewish Germany girl who wrote about the two years she and her family spent in hiding in the Netherlands during WWII.

I still find it fascinating that Anne Frank is seen a source of Dutch pride — with good reason of course — while the growing amount of populists in the Netherlands do not think any Dutch person with a second passport qualifies as ‘part of the club’.


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  1. Toby says:

    Totally agree. Ironic that the country’s most famous citizen _ with the possible exception of Vincent van Gogh, is an immigrant.

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