‘Hotel’ made from big square shopping bags


‘Gecekondu’ is a type of housing in Turkey that literally means “built in one day,” and that exploits a legal Turkish loophole that says that if you built a house in one night, the authorities cannot tear it down. Estimates say that up to half of the buildings in Istanbul are ‘Gecekondular’ (plural).

It is also the name of a one-room hotel in Amsterdam that DUS architects came up with. The building is entirely made of big square shopping bags and sits atop a pontoon. Visitors can draw the bridge at night to keep unwelcome visitors away. Staying a night is ‘free,’ that is to say, you are expected to perform chores in payment.

Parool calls it surprisingly cool (Dutch).

(Photo: DUS Architects, which has an extensive web page about this project.)

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  1. Christian says:

    Hey! We had a chambermusic evening on that island with CREA Orechestra people. See:


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