Skaters on thin ice with their nationality



Dutch nationality is apparently just an incovenience to some speed skaters. Five skaters, Rob Hadders, Robert Bovenhuis, Arjan Stroetinga, Jorrit Bergsma and Christijn Groeneveld wanted to qualify for the Winter Olympics in Vancouver by becoming Kazakh citizens and skating for Kazakhstan. For reasons I can’t wrap my brain around, four of them thought they could have their cake and eat it too, and have dual citizenship. Dutch law clearly states that if someone voluntarily takes on another nationality, they are legally obliged to give up Dutch citizenship. I know, I’ve been through the process myself and decided to stay a Canuck.

Four of them went through the process, and if it is true that they have indeed become Kazakhs, then they do not have a legal resident’s status in the Netherlands. One of the skaters, Bovenhuis, who stopped the paperwork by not signing certain things, wonders what’s up. All five skaters were not allowed to compete in last week’s NK afstanden (Dutch long-distance championship) because they were no longer Dutch citizens.

Guys, you got some really bad advice. Every single immigrant I know here knows better than this. The rules apply to you too, and you suck for trying to pull it off. Bovenhuis, you get points for waking up and smelling the coffee, good for you.

(Link:, Photo: Jeroen)


  1. dersk says:

    Hey, immigration rules are for us allochtonen, not *real* Dutch people.

  2. Orangemaster says:

    Oh totally!

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