Twitter-based architecture


Last autumn a study project had eleven architecture students from the University of Delft create a house for a person based on their tweets and on other statements the ‘client’ made on-line. The eleven virtual clients were not told about the project, so the students could only go by these on-line statements.

Each student was given an area of 500 x 500 metres in Amsterdam in which to find a suitable location for a 130 square metre house.

A book made about project Twitterhouse can be viewed here, and a video about one of the cases, fashion designer Joline Jolink, is below:

Says Jolink:

@KimTextilia Kim moet je dit zien: SCARY!!

(Links: Bright, The Mobile City. Source image: Twitter.)


  1. “…in which to find a suitable location for a 130 square metre house.”

    You’d have thought they would get 140 sq meters!

    Comment by Alex — April 11, 2010 @ 5:16 pm

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