Postcards help against suicide


A mental health institution in the province of Friesland plans to use an Australian treatment to help people who have attempted suicide: sending them postcards. Six months after the attempted suicide, patients will be sent a postcard from a counsellor, asking them how they are doing and all.

The people at the mental health institution say it works, that patients like having someone think of them. If the patients are in need of more help, they’ll have something to read to that effect on their postcard.

Of course, it’s by no means a cure of any kind, but if it can stop even one person from trying to off themselves, it’s surely worth it explains the article. This postcard has a ‘lean on me’ quality to it.

(Link:, Photo: some card I got once)

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  1. jasmin says:

    Yes, it is a matter of a moment, if that moment passes so does the urge to commit suicide…and knowing someone cares by posting a card, a call or comforting words, means hugely to a lonely person!

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