The horrible, horrible comics of Maaike Hartjes


Comics artist Maaike Hartjes is from the generation that said ‘gaaf’ (cool) to express that they liked something very much. She has tried to say ‘vet’ (fat), but it made her feel as if she were a member of the ‘mieters’ (swell) and ‘jottum’ (neat) generation. The new cool, ‘gruwelijk’ (horrible)—now there’s a word she can get behind.

So it’s no surprise that she called her latest comics book Gruwelijk!, and it is full of small observations such as this strip:

I quite like the portrait in my old passport. But now I need a new passport. With a photo taken according to the latest regulations…

Tiny photographer: “DO NOT smile!”

Tiny Maaike: “Waaah! That’s not what I look like, is it?”

Tiny boyfriend: “Er…. nooo! You’re much prettier in real life.”

One advantage: after a twenty hour trip + jetlag:

Tiny customs person: “Horrible picture! It’s good that she looks much better in person.”

Maaike Hartjes, Gruwelijk!, EUR 12,90, published by Oog en Blik.

Via Holly Moors, who liked the result and has a couple more samples.

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