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Successful film has German tourists invading small town


Last year we told you that white trash was the new cool and that it was contagious. The film New Kids Turbo is a huge hit in the Netherlands, but New Kids fever has hit Germany so hard that tourists are ‘invading’ Maaskaantje, Brabant the actual town where the film was shot. As of yesterday, 186 film theatres in Germany are featuring New Kids Turbo, an absolute Dutch record. The Dutch actors dubbed over their own film into German, and I agree, it adds more comedy to it.

In true Dutch style, people are seeing an increase in German kids and even families hanging out drinking beer and swearing like in the movie in Maaskantje, but the tourists are spending money locally, which probably makes up for it. The local tourist board is offering special hotel deals boasting a bike tour along the places the New Kids hang out: filling station and the snack bar.

The video above is the official German trailer and some of you will recognise the Dutch accent the kids have when they speak German.

I for one am enjoying the irony of two recent postings about how cool the Dutch are in Germany.


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  1. Maupassnt says:

    Sort of a Dutch “Trailer Park Boys” then?

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