New Dutch cars ready to tear up the road


First, there’s the Savage Rivale Roadyacht GTS, a four-door convertible supercar, which is a car segment that not many cars fit into, according to all the car blogs. It’s being built by a Dutch start-up company, it’s not yet available, but it almost is, February they say, and you can watch the car zoom along the corniche with Monaco in the background.

For now Savage Rivale is continuing work on the Roadyacht GTS’ convertible roof system but order books for the car are already open, with three customers having placed firm orders thus far. One of these orders is for a special version, the track-only ‘GTR’. It will come with a stripped out body, more powerful drivetrain, and plenty of carbon fiber to keep weight down.

Next, there’s a car that is ready to roll from a Dutch company in the province of Flevoland that has been around for ages, the Donkervoort D8 GTO. had good reason to write about it, as one of their former interns, Jordi Wiersma, designed the car. The first 25 cars will cost way more than 100,000 euro and the first 12 or so have already been sold.”


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