Queen’s Day to become King’s Day in 2014


International headlines have been buzzing since last night about Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands abdicating the throne so that her son, Crown-Prince Willem-Alexander can take over the family business on 30 April, a holiday you may know as Queen’s Day (pics).

The next item of business is that as of 2014 Queen’s Day will be known as King’s Day and fall on Willem-Alexander’s birthday, 27 April. However, because 27 April in 2014 is a Sunday, the merriment will get underway on 26 April.

I kind of feel sorry for all the drag queens next year as they may have to review their party outfits. I really do hope the drag kings, a highly underrated breed, make a big royal appearance.

To celebrate Wim-Lex’s turn to run the Royals, here’s a Dunglish number I dedicate to him:


  1. Invader_Stu says:

    I just realized I can no longer use my drag queens day joke… That’s a shame.

  2. Greg Tyrelle says:

    Investigative journalists at Gawer have discovered that the next queen looks exactly like Britney Spears:


  3. Orangemaster says:

    @Stu Life is tough :)

    @Greg Scary article :)

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