Rob Scholte Museum opens for one more day in Den Helder


Painter Rob Scholte has opened up his collection of contemporary art to the public.

Lost Painters points out that Scholte owns lots of works from artists of his own generation—Peter Klashorst, Mel Ramos, Georg Dokupil, Rene Daniels, Rob Birza, Rob van Koningsbruggen and Jeff Koons—but the online art magazine is especially enamoured with a large collection of covers that Jan Sluijters created for magazine De Nieuwe Amsterdammer (later De Groene Amsterdammer, now just De Groene). Sluijters, a well-known painter in his own right, sharply criticized the profiteering attitude of the Dutch government during World War I through his covers. Scholte displays 70 of them in chronological order.

The exhibit in an office building next to the Den Helder railway station lasts only four days. You will have to be quick if you want to catch it, the last day is tomorrow.

If you cannot make it the report at Lost Painters has got plenty of photos of the exhibit.

(Illustration: one of Sluijters’ WW I covers)

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