Incest no reason for divorce, says protestant theologian


Refoweb, a website for Protestant Christians, has a feature called ‘Vragen’ (‘Questions’) in which people ask an ‘expert’ what a good Christian should do in certain situations.

Last week the question was put before theologian Izak Kole whether incest—and to be clear, what was meant was forced sex of a parent with an underaged child—is grounds for divorce.

The answer of Izak Kole was: “No, incest is not grounds for divorce. Being unfaithful is the only biblical reason for divorce. Incest by the husband with children does cause sadness though.”

Later Izak Kole ‘nuanced’ his answer by stating that where there is penetration, there is adultery and in that case, divorce is acceptable. Until that first real rape happens, Izak Kole suggests it might be an idea (“if necessary”) to call the police.

(Link: De Gelderlander; photo by Johan Wieland, some rights reserved)

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  1. Orangemaster says:

    This reminds me of a case in Qu├ębec where a female judge had ruled that a muslim father who sodomized his own daughter had ‘been careful not to take her virginity’. The judge was very quickly set packing and we think she was paid off.

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