Park in Utrecht dumps trash for team building



A park in Utrecht that apparently didn’t have enough trash in it had some trash added to it by the city to make sure that beer giant Inbev could have a proper team building session picking up rubbish.

Imagine being a neighbour watching city employees dump trash into a park for the sake of some company’s team building outing and busloads of white collar employees having fun picking up the trash like problem youth doing community service.

The city of Utrecht admitted it was a bad call to dump more trash in the park, although they still did. They are probably only saying this because they got caught doing it. The idea of putting trash into a park to then have it picked up again is retarded.

To make things worse Inbev claims it knew nothing about the extra trash and would not have gone through with it if they had known, which is plausible. Either way Inbev was stuck dealing with a load of rubbish. The employees, who were geared up to do a good deed, can now team build on the feeling of having been screwed over.


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  1. Branko Collin says:

    Isn’t littering illegal in Utrecht? Ah, yes, it is: “De buitengewoon opsporingsambtenaren […] hebben de bevoegdheid om op te treden tegen […]:

    Het […] afval op straat gooien en vervuilen van de weg […]. Verdachte krijgt een kennisgeving van bekeuring (A, S of K in de in rechterbovenhoek). Afhandeling ligt bij het OM (openbaar ministerie).”

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