Food label lies put to the vote and publicly shamed



After voting for the cheesiest business slogan of the year (my horses won, placed and showed!), now it’s time to vote for Foodwatch’s Most Misleading Food Product of 2015, aka De Gouden Windei or ‘Golden Windegg’.

This year’s contestants are:

– Light peanut butter with a whopping 451% (!) more sugar than normal peanut butter.
– A small dessert of which half of it is air.
– Apple juice diluted with water and passed off as half as sweet.
– Cranberries that have a layer of syrup on them, sold as superfood.
– Children’s cookies “full of nutrients”, but with tons of sugar in them.

And two others with misleading labels that finally have less to do with hidden sugars and more to do with not enough proper product. I voted for the cranberries, which seems like the biggest con, but the cookies and peanut butter are right up there.

UPDATE: The cranberries won (in Dutch).


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