Supermarkets sell fertilised eggs, chicks prove it



According to the Dutch media, supermarkets usually claim that their eggs are unfertilised. However, a woman who decided to test her new incubator found out just how untrue this claim actually is.

Fionna Bottema bought two dozen quail eggs and managed to hatch six of them, which would mean at least half of the eggs she bought were fertilised. Bottema had an incubator for owl eggs, but since she didn’t have any of their eggs, she decided to use quail eggs, ‘on a lark’. The eggs were bought at supermarket chain Albert Heijn, but eggs from elsewhere could have had the same results, said Bottema.

The idea that the eggs could become chicks, as opposed to buying eggs that would not, bothers consumers. And of course the fact that supermarkets are lying because very few people would challenge their claim by actually hatching eggs. A spokesperson for Albert Heijn tried to spin Bottema’s claim by saying that a hen must have broken free, which still means that supermarkets in fact do sell fertilised eggs and have no way of guaranteeing that they do not.


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