Dutch company designs world’s fastest submersible



Dutch company Ortega has designed the MK.1C, a three-seater electric submarine for divers, and claim it is the fastest of its kind in the world. It was also designed without a cover, as the submersible’s target market is marine biologists, underwater archaeologists and special forces who need to bail quickly, albeit underwater.

Powered by two high-power, electric motors and built for both over and under water activity, fully equipped with a trimming tank, on-board breathing apparatus and HUD navigation system, each vessel can also have magnetometers, sonar, FLIR, extra air supply or an extended cargo hold of up to 250 litres; all on-board equipment supports dive depths of up to 95 metres

Four giant batteries power the vessel, a brand called ‘Hancell’ made by Ortega exclusively for their submersible, which are carefully monitored and charged when needed. And yes, it’s all very Thunderball.

(Link: www.dezeen.com, Photo: screenshot Ortega)

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