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Donor fathers 102 children, national failure


A few months back there was the doctor who bragged about using his own sperm to inseminate his patients, and now one overzealous sperm donor has been caught fathering 102 children, exceeding the limit of 25.

Problem is, the amount children that can be produced from one sperm donor is limited to 25 at one clinic, but this guy went around to several clinics and kept on donating. For 10 years, the man donated all over the country, producing a total of 102 children. Lucky him, one clinic even bent the rules from 25 to 35 children and then there’s whatever he donated through the Internet.

Another man was also caught producing more children than legally allowed, with sperm donated through the Internet. For now the sperm of both men won’t be used anymore. There’s nothing being said about fertility clinics being more vigilant to stop donors exceeding the limit, which also includes egg donors. At present, clinics can’t share information for privacy reasons, although authorities had tired to set up some sort of database.

File this one under ‘epic fail’.


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