Monks reach agreement with rogue supermarket



A while back, Dutch supermarket chain Jan Linders was selling Belgian Trappist Westvleteren beer known for being hard to get your hands on, as it is sold in limited quantities. I’ve had it once and I can understand why people chase this beer down.

Jan Linders claimed that it had permission to sell 300 crates of the exclusive beer without any further explanation, while the Saint Sixtus Abbey that brews the beer was shocked since people cannot buy more than two crates at a time at the Abbey itself, and must wait two months for subsequent orders.

Luckily for Jan Linders, they won’t get sued by the Abbey, and Jan Linders promised never again to sell their Westvleteren Trappist beer. The Dutch supermarket chain also drew attention to themselves for selling the beer at 9,95 euro a bottle, normally sold at 1,66 euro a bottle.

More about Dutch abbey beers here: (Netherlands gets a second Trappist beer after 125 years).


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