Anonymous Dutch player wins big online


Recently, an anonymous online Dutch poker player calling themselves ‘Daenarys T’ (from the character Queen Daenarys Targaryen of the Game of Thrones television series) won 1.000.044 US dollars (about 817.930 euro) during the Sunday Million Anniversary Take 2 online poker tournament.

As a profile photo, the person used a picture of amateur Dutch poker player Tim ‘FysioTim’ Hendriks. Hendriks himself said he wasn’t playing, reacting calmly to someone using his Twitter profile picture to play the tournament. However, he was a bit shocked that people thought he had become a millionaire.

Here at 24HQ where poker is a thing, we’re still miffed by the 2016 decision that considers poker a game of chance, which means anyone who wants to organise poker games needs a permit, profiting the state monopoly of Holland Casino. If you believe it is a game of chance and have money, hit us up, we’ll fix that.



  1. William says:

    To expand, I saw the cards above and I was curious what the “H”, “V”, and “B” meant. The “A” was Ace (Aas) as I thought. I should have guessed the H and V (Heer en Vrouw) but the B I would have never guessed (Boer… what do you have against farmers?)

  2. Orangemaster says:

    I was thinking of adding that, but then thought nah :) Jack = knave, knave in EN was a farm hand, hence boer in Dutch. Simples.

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