Converse loses case against Dutch shoemakers


After a decade of fighting in court with American shoe company Converse over ‘fake’ All-Stars shoes, Dutch company Sporttrading Holland is now awaiting about 100 million euro in compensation. Just the lawyers cost easily 2 million euro, according to the Dutch company.

In 2009, Sporttrading Holland went bankrupt over Converse’s decision to sue them for selling similar shoes. Amusingly enough, their shoes were made at the same place that Converse’s shoes were made and were even distributed by the same distributor.

The Dutch company managed to rise from the ashes, but now it will have the chance to continue the way it should have in the first place instead of being ‘portrayed as a bunch of criminals’. Dutch distributor of Converse shoes Kesbo Sport hasn’t said anything in the media as we write this.


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