Student sushi chef gets his own pop-up restaurant


Back in May we told you about Kitsanin Thanyakulsajja, a student who ran a sushi restaurant from his dorm room and all the praise he got. Of course, he was doing it for the money, but he also wanted to improve himself as a chef.

Kit is now working in a posh hotel downtown Amsterdam in his own private, pop-up restaurant. He now also has a Bachelor’s degree, the main reason he came to the Netherlands. Since the media has announced that he is working in a ‘real’ restaurant, he is booked solid for all of October, with November and December reservations opening up soon. The cost of an intimate 15-course meal is 125 euro per person. He was also booked pretty solid when he was running Ephemeral, the name of his sushi joint in his dorm room. There, he slept a few hours a night, so he is relieved that era is over.

Kit now has a choice to make between starting his own restaurant, going back to Tokyo or Bangkok, or getting a Master’s degree here in Amsterdam. If he opts for Asia where the level of learning about sushi is the highest in the world, chances are he won’t come back to Amsterdam. To be continued!

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