Homeless get free laser removal of tattoos in Rotterdam


A foundation called ‘Spijt van Tattoo’ (roughly ‘Regretting tattoos’) is providing the homeless with free laser removal of tattoos at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. The foundation, started from out of a tattoo parlour, is helping a handful of homeless people to have tattoos removed on their face, neck and hands. Andy and Dex of the foundation had their daughter come home one night with the tattoo of a wine glass behind her ear, and felt they had to do something about such decisions.

So far, some 117 homeless people have signed up for the free laser removal, as it’s expensive, something the homeless have no money for. Everybody who has signed up must be willing to be featured in a documentary that warns teens about the effect tattoos can have on their lives, particularly when it comes to getting a job. Participants must also cooperate with research on tattoos by culture professor Henri Beunders of the Erasmus University.

A few temporary agencies have also said they will help the newly lasered find some work.

(Link: nieuws.nl)

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