The Happy Hour, 24 Oranges goes on the air


About two years ago, we promised we would put out a video, and we really tried to do something, but besides great conversation, we didn’t get around to doing it the way we would have wanted to and we shelved it until something better came along, and it did.

After much hemming and hawing about how to go to the next level after 11 years of blogging, me and my co-blogger Branko want to invite you to tune into The Happy Hour, every Wednesday from 17:00 to 19:00 Amsterdam time on

Think of it as a extension of 24oranges, but then aimed more at Amsterdam, with lots of Dutch music in English (and other languages), great guests, banter, puns, and lots of fun. We enjoy talking about hot topics such as housing, politics, food, drinks, cycling and articles we’ve written about.

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