October 16, 2012

Police arrest gardener in rich area because he’s African

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A 32-year-old Ghanaian man was recently arrested by the alien police in Aerdenhout, a rich villa-clad and predominately Caucasian town near Haarlem purely because he didn’t have the ‘right skin colour’ to actually be working there legally. The alien police figured he was working illegally, asked for his papers and arrested him solely on the basis of his skin colour.

The court judged that what the police had done was illegal and let the man go. Not long ago again in Aerdenhout African women were arrested by the alien police on their way to clean houses, with the same result: the cops were in the wrong.

It is totally illegal to arrest anyone based on their looks to then check and see if their are illegally living and working in the Netherlands, but apparently the police, mostly white Dutch men, are too blind with racism to get it. No wonder nobody trusts them.

Dutch ‘left-wing’ blog Joop.nl used the N-word albeit to emphasise what many inhabitants of the Netherlands still think about Africans and other people fitting the n-word description.

(Links: www.waarmaarraar.nl, www.joop.nl)

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