October 12, 2007

Biggest irritant: jumping the queue

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Multiscope, a Dutch online marketing agency, has polled 1,970 Dutch people to find out what their biggest sources of irritation are. Most of the complaints were about anti-social behaviour: for instance 68% of the people gave “jumping the queue” the top spot. When asked what sort of remedies people would agree with, stricter, harsher, and more immediate punishments were at the top of the list. Almost half of those polled agreed with the suggestion that the Dutch police force could take a leaf out of the book of the para-military police force of Spain. (Is it me, or do these measures sound a bit harsh for “jumping the queue?)

The entire top 10 was:

  1. Jumping the queue
  2. Dumping waste
  3. Dog poo in the streets
  4. Cars not keeping their distance
  5. Spitting
  6. Loud portable music
  7. Loitering
  8. Second hand smoke
  9. Loud mobile phone conversations in public
  10. Not receiving right of way

Although a lot of countries believe they are the number one complainers of the world, there are differences in what people actually complain about.

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(Photo by Diliff, and licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike license version 2.5.)

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