November 11, 2011

The King of Indo-Rock is no longer

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Rock and roll guitarist Andy Tielman, the figurehead of the Indo-Rock scene and frontman of the Tielman Brothers band has died in Indonesia at age 75.

Before immigrating to the Netherlands, the Tielman played for the Dutch military in Indonesia in the early 1950s. They quickly became famous, having been invited to play the World Expo in Brussels in 1958, just one year after landing in the Netherlands.

Later in their career, they also toured much of Germany. “At that time, bands could only play on weekends for little or no money at all, but in Germany they could get a contract for a month or at least a couple of weeks and make scandalous much money.”

Tielman fans also call him an innovator. He took a six string electric guitar, added four extra strings and tuned them in a way nobody had done before, in search of the big sound he wanted, which became the band’s tight signature sound. The bass players also had two different sounds that complimented each other through the use of different strings and specific amplifier setting, making the Tielman sound very wide on stage.

However, it’s the way Tielman brothers played their instruments live that people wanted to see and here is a video of them rockin’ out.


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