December 15, 2018

YouTubers show that being openly Jewish is a problem

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YouTube crew Bongenoten (‘Allies’) enjoy filming social experiments to see how people deal with extreme behaviour.

In the video below, YouTuber Benjamin Beernink decided to walk around parts of Utrecht with a yarmulke (aka kippah), the head cap Jewish men wear. Beernink happens to be Jewish, but does not usually wear a yarmulke. I can say that it is not something we see very often in the Netherlands.

The crew walked around different neighbourhoods (downtown, Ondiep and Kanaleneiland) in Utrecht. Some reactions were really intense, Beernink having been called ‘kankerjood’ (roughly, ‘Fucking Jew’, but then ‘kanker, which means ‘cancer’ is used as an adjectival swear word) in Kanaleneiland, which doesn’t have the best reputation. He was also laughed at inside a shop by staff and called a ‘faggot’ as well.

The reason Bondgenoten made the video was due to a poll presented by Dutch television show EenVandaag claiming that research shows that a large part of Jews don’t dare show they are Jewish and hide their faith.


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June 10, 2009

Hate speech against Muslims, Jews and gays still high

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Meldpunt Discriminatie Internet, where you can report Internet occurrences of hate speech, has just published its year report for 2008 (PDF, Dutch). The amount of hate speech aimed at the dark-skinned, at Muslims, Jews and gays remains high. MDI counted 899 criminal utterances last year, down from 1078 utterances in 2007. Complaints about discriminatory utterances led to removal of the speech in 91% of the cases. MDI reported 7 instances of hate speech to the police last year.

(Via the print version of De Pers, Image: thesituationist)

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