August 6, 2010

Gay pride yes, illustration of men kissing no

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A friend over at Time Out magazine said that the Amsterdam Tourism and Congress Bureau (ATCB) was “digging their own gay grave” as they pulled the cover of the magazine sold in their tourist shops (VVV) because it portrays two men kissing. According to Amsterdam newspaper Het Parool, the ATCB had a problem with this illustration.

The ATCB explains that the VVV ‘took out’ the cover as per their monthly agreement with the magazine because it was ‘too edgy’ and ‘not suitable for tourists’. Time Out doesn’t have a problem with the decision because it does not affect them financially or otherwise, but many people including the media see it as a highly questionable, possibly anti-gay decision.

It’s too bad some people think the 1.5 million tourists that come to Amsterdam for things like drugs, prostitutes and the gay scene would all of a sudden have problems with gay men. Let the tourists think for themselves, statistically 10% of them are gay too.

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