June 21, 2018

Frisian wheat fields to feature big artworks

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As of next week, some Frisian wheat fields along the Wadden dike in het Bildt (now part of the new municipality Waadhoeke), will feature carvings by several Bildt-based artists and others carved into those local wheat fields.

In 2017 artist Marco Goldenbeld tested creating artworks in those fields, one of which was inspired by M. C. Escher’s ‘Impossible Cube’, a two-dimensional figure that resembles a perspective drawing of a three-dimensional one, with its features drawn inconsistently from the way they would appear in an actual cube, shown above.

The specific location of the artworks will be between Oude Bildtzijl and De Westhoek in Friesland. Besides the initiator Henk Rusman, other participating artists include Bowe Roodbergen, Marco Goldenbeld, Rinus Roelofs, Hans Kuipers, Roland de Jong and Ria Groenhof.

(Link and photo: sense-of-place.eu)

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