January 28, 2017

Geert Mul retrospective at Stedelijk Museum Schiedam, from Commodore Amiga art to giant lenticular prints

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Video and visual artist Geert Mul is showing 25 years of his work at the Stedelijk Museum Schiedam.

The work runs a wide gamut of early multimedia computer art, such as his Then and Now created in the BASIC programming language on the Commodore Amiga (see this video at 1:19), to 2015’s Natureally (illustration), which shows a transparent photo of a tree illuminated from behind in ever changing colours.

Trendbeheer visited the show and came away pleasantly overwhelmed:

Mul’s oeuvre is rich and the selection for the exhibition is eclectic. The rooms are full with works from different time periods. […] The sounds sometimes bleed into each other, on purpose. […]

What is pleasant about Mul’s work is that there is room for the audience, both because some works require physical interaction and because there is a lot of room for interpretation.

The problem with writing about interactive and video art is of course that these are works that need to be experienced, so even if you do not have the time to visit the exhibition, which runs until 12 February 2017, be sure to visit the links to the videos and to Mul’s website.

(Illustration: Geert Mul)

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