March 17, 2012

Stephen Colbert explains what US presidential candidate really meant with his lies about the Netherlands

Filed under: Shows,Weird by Branko Collin @ 12:50 pm

We suggested last month that politician Rick Santorum may have broken the world record on bald faced lying in his weight class when he talked about the horrors of the Dutch health care system.

If anything Santorum’s statements left Dutch pundits flabbergasted. Yesterday US comedian Stephen Colbert came to the rescue of every confused Dutch person and explained why Santorum says just the darndest things. The part about the Netherlands starts at 2:58.

“Evidently Santorum’s comments about the Netherlands were yanked out of … his nether parts.”

Stephen Colbert is a comedian who pretends to be a right-wing blow-hard pundit styling himself on the likes of Bill O’Reilly.

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