February 24, 2007

Comic relief

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Clogwork.net features cartoons, comics and illustrations from a collective of known and lesser known Dutch and Belgian artists. Whereas comics and cartoons are associated with kids in many parts of the world, Europeans tend to take their doodles very seriously and rightly so.

The site features works by Nozzman, Roel Venderbosch and Sevensheaven (here below).


(Caption: Very fertile year for wild boars)
(The guy bending over is the world-famous French cartoon character Obelix.)

To look up these artists and many more, the famous Dutch comic book store Lambiek has a whole collection of artists in their Comiclopedia as well as a nice history of Dutch comics. They sell a whole bunch of things as well.

There’s always the Comic strip fair on 24-25 February in Rijswijk, where you can meet the makers of Fokke & Sukke and ask them about their recent English books.

(Link and illustrations: Clogwork.net)

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