April 27, 2015

King’s Day 2015: good weather, good spirits

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Everybody was worried it would rain, but it was sunny and dry all day on the second edition of King’s Day, replacing the previous tradition of Queen’s Day. The person who left their rubber boots for the rubbish heap at the end of the day was indeed ready for rain and King’s Day.

At 24oranges we’ve always been into the rummage sale side of things and very much enjoy picking up a lot of stuff people leave behind at the end of the day, which never fails. Why buy Trivial Pursuit when you can just pick up a free game at the end of the day from someone who can’t be bothered bringing it back home? Exactly.

I talked to a Frenchman selling stuff and he had just heard of King’s Day a few days ago, and wondered why he hadn’t heard of it before. I answered that not all countries celebrate their national holidays in July.

Amsterdam has also reached a tipping point as well: the amount of British people who come just for our national holiday sounds like it has increased. Even rubbish bags featuring weird Dutch-style passive-aggressive messages aimed at Brits could be found around town. The other thing with foreigners celebrating King’s Day is that it makes the party in Amsterdam look more like a Dutch royal themed Halloween. ‘Just wear orange, you’ll fit it’, is about right.


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April 27, 2014

First King’s Day ever celebrated in the Netherlands

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Yesterday was the first King’s Day ever in the Netherlands.

Orangemaster and I celebrated like we always do, by shopping in the area of the Olympic Stadium, followed by dumpster diving, followed by the famous spareribs of De Hut.


This year there seemed to be more tourists than usual in my part of town, which was all the more remarkable because my neighbourhood is a bit away from the city centre.






April 12, 2014

‘Occupied’ an unwelcome word during first King’s Day

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The Amsterdam district Centrum has declared the word ‘bezet’ (Dutch for occupied) a verbum non gratum, an unwelcome word for King’s Day.

During the Dutch national holiday, the whole country turns into a single large flea market. Citizens often chalk or tape a rectangle on the pavement the night or even days before to ensure themselves of the best spots and write the word ‘bezet’ in the middle for good measure. Parool reports that the district feels the word would be in bad taste so close to Remembrance of the Dead (4 May). To me that suggests (tongue firmly in cheek) a minor victory for the Nazis almost 70 years after they were chased out of the country by Canadian, British and American troops.

Saturday 26 April will be the first King’s Day ever. In 1885 a newspaper editor in Utrecht organised a Princess Day to celebrate the fifth birthday of Princess Wilhelmina, which evolved into Queen’s Day when Wilhelmina ascended the throne. Since then the Netherlands has only had queens, but last year King Willem Alexander took over from his mother during Queen’s Day. King’s Day is celebrated on the king’s birthday, 27 April, except when that date is on a Sunday—then the holiday will be moved to Saturday. This year that happens to be the case.

(Photo by Martijn van Exel, some rights reserved)

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January 29, 2013

Queen’s Day to become King’s Day in 2014

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International headlines have been buzzing since last night about Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands abdicating the throne so that her son, Crown-Prince Willem-Alexander can take over the family business on 30 April, a holiday you may know as Queen’s Day (pics).

The next item of business is that as of 2014 Queen’s Day will be known as King’s Day and fall on Willem-Alexander’s birthday, 27 April. However, because 27 April in 2014 is a Sunday, the merriment will get underway on 26 April.

I kind of feel sorry for all the drag queens next year as they may have to review their party outfits. I really do hope the drag kings, a highly underrated breed, make a big royal appearance.

To celebrate Wim-Lex’s turn to run the Royals, here’s a Dunglish number I dedicate to him:

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