January 7, 2013

Satellite dishes are not always protected speech

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A homeowners’ association in Rotterdam recently wanted a member to remove a satellite dish from his flat. Dishes are considered an eyesore and they decrease the enjoyment other owners have of their flats.

However, it’s not that simple, Internet lawyer Arnoud Engelfriet writes. Freedom of speech also includes the ability to receive information, which is why judges have been reluctant to outlaw satellite dishes in the past.

The homeowners’ association won its lawsuit last July because the homeowner had other ways to watch his favourite TV channels, such as on the Internet. A fundamental right does not always trump a homeowners’ association’s articles.

Engelfriet omitted to mention that the satellite TV watching flat owner was of Turkish descent. When Dutch people see a street full of satellite dishes, they generally assume that the neighbourhood is popular with immigrants. Homeowners fear that a neighbourhood’s property value will drop if the neighbourhood is perceived to be too ‘black’.

In this case, the plaintiff had also made it clear that it wasn’t he who needed access to the satellite channels, but his wife.

The plaintiff was ordered to pay all his opponent’s legal costs, which the judge determined to be 200 euro.

(Photo by Kai Schreiber, some rights reserved)

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June 3, 2012

Mobility scooter club wins VPRO Dream City Award

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After Richard Min’s wife died, he got lonely and decided to do something about it. He founded the Scootmobielclub (‘mobility scooter club’), which tours through pretty parts of The Hague.

Apart from getting Richard out of isolation, the club also won VPRO’s Dream City award for grassroots contributions to the liveable city. Part of the award was a 1,500 euro prize.

Other contestants were the Repair Caf├ęs and an initiave that lets children become journalists for their neighbourhoods, Wijktijgerpersbureau.

The audience award was won by another initiative from The Hague, the FAST surfers’ village.

(Link: The Pop-Up City)

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