October 2, 2009

Vegetarian fan complains about free meat snack

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A Feijenoord (Rotterdam football club) fan decided to complain to the director of NAC (Breda football club) for the free sausage rolls (‘worstenbroodjes’) that were handed out at the game last Sunday. The Breda fans were given the free meat snack to comfort them for their team getting kicked 2-0 by Feijenoord.

The Feijenoord fan thought they should have thought of vegetarians, maybe even offered a meat-free alternative. It reminded me of the airplane I took yesterday which offered cheese or pork sandwiches. It can be done.

I get what they guy is saying, but then you’d have to think of obese people, people who have low-sodium diets, gluten-free eaters, diabetics, people with peanut allergies, kosher, halal, and so on.

Surprise: we live in a mostly meat-eating society. Just say no and don’t eat it is also an option.

(Link: vleesmagazine.nl, Photo: veggieunwrapped.com)

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